Why FollowClass?

Education opens minds. Technology connects them.
We bring you the best of both, all in one place.

For Parents - Your Child Over Anything Else.

We at FollowClass understand that life can get busy, but don’t let that sideline what is truly important for you - your child’s growth. FollowClass helps you pay close attention to his/her academic activities without any extra effort. On top of that we suggest actionable tips to help them perform better.

For Students - Growth. Responsibility. Discipline.

We care that nobody falls behind on learning. Be the best that you can be without worrying about what you have forgotten. FollowClass will be the pal you need in your life, that notifies you of assignments, exam schedules, results and what not. You can even share your notes, give online tests and get detailed analysis. Keep yourself on check for you will no longer lose track of the tasks in hand

For Teachers - Work Better. Teach Better.

From marking the attendance to assessing the over-all performance of your students – FollowClass is the extra helping hand you need. Assess the subjects and attend the students that need extra attention and provide a solution, without breaking a sweat. You can also ensure that your feedback reaches the necessary students and their parents. It’s your very own personal assistant to get you through work.

For Institutes - Efficiency Results In Perfection.

A better workforce, a solid database of activities and instant communication results in satisfied students and parents, attentive teachers and an efficient administration. And the best part? We guarantee improvement in student and teacher performance and the over-all increase in reputation for such a smooth sailing management. What more can you ask for?

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