Online Fee Payment & Fee management Software

  • FollowClass gives you a complete fee management software with an option for online fee payments
  • With our fee management software, you can send automated fee reminders to all the parents.
  • FollowClass does all the reporting work of your office clerk.
  • Parents can automatically download the fee receipt. It saves a lot of paper. And same receipts can be saved by the admin as well
  • FollowClass makes even the complex tasks like fee management vary easy
  • FollowClass fee management software is trusted by 100's of schools
  • With FollowClass fee management software, principals can school owners get daily reporting with graphs. They can see today's fee collection, total fee received throught the year etc.
  • Watch Online Fee Payment & Fee management Software tutorial

Fee management software with unlimited reminders to defaulters.

Let go of all the clutter and risk in managing fee payments. Adopt FollowClass for a comprehensive solution to fee management


Institutes have forever struggled to keep up with managing the fee. Even a small mistake can lead to the institute being financially crippled. It's high time that educational institutes move away from the big registers and go digital. FollowClass provides a complete solution where you can create all kinds of fee, apply fine, give concessions, print receipts, get consolidated reports and much more. Moreover institutes can messages directly to the parents who have not yet paid their fee. This reminder goes only to the parents who have not yet filled the fee unlike other fee management software which send a generic bulk sms to everyone.


Parents have forever been in a pain of going out of their way and visit the school just for the purpose of filling up their ward’s fee. On top of this there is an issue of carrying cash, making a DD or filling a challan all of which are unnecessary burden for the parents. So FollowClass provides a relief to the parents and now they can directly pay the fee online from the school App.

Online Fee Payment & Fee management Software on FollowClass app for school and colleges - Tutorial

Online Fee Payment & Fee management Software Video Tutorial

Fee management software - Video Description In Text

For any business financial management is very important. Similarly for schools fee management software is an absolute must. FollowClass gives you the best fee management software there is in the market. It comes with all the modern features like online fee payment, automatic fee receipts generation and automated reminders to parents. Below are the few features which stand out and make Followclass, the best fee management software in the market.

  1. Automated Fee reminders - With one click on followclass school software and school app you can send automated fee reminders to parents. They will get an SMS with the fee amount due for their children and the due date. Decreases the hassle of calling each and every parent and asking for a fee payment.
  2. Automated fee receipts - We generate automated fee receipts for each payment made. These fee receipts come with a school logo and fee receipt number. These fee receipts can be printed by school admin and given to parents or parents can also download it from our school app or school management software.
  3. Excel Fee Reports - School collect the fee in a lot of different categories like admission fee, transport fee, uniform fee, books fee, computer fee etc. None of the fee management softwares provide this facility, where fee collection on these categories can be reported. But we at followclass, understand the problem and provide a detailed reporting on these categories. You will get fee reports based on all the above categories that I just mentioned. It will make your clerk who manages fee, a lot happier.
  4. Daily Fee collection reports - On followclass school software website you will be to see detailed graphical reports with pie charts on fee collection. You will get overall collection reports for that academic year. You can also do the same for different feen installments and fee types. If you are a large organization and have multiple branches, Followclass is thebest school software for you.
  5. Fee concessions and fine - Unlike other student management software, followclass allows you to give concessions and fines for students. These are very important part of any fee management software but very few are there in the market who provide these features.

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