Attendance Management

  • FollowClass is easiest attendance management software for schools.
  • Attendance can be taken from school app and Parents are alerted about their child's attendance record immediately.
  • With FollowClass school App you can take attendance without internet. Whenever you are connected it syncs with our cloud servers and send messages to parents
  • You do not need biometric attendance because of with followclass attendance management system you can take attendance offline as well.
  • Student attendance as well as teachers attendance can be managed with FollowClass.
  • Our attendance management software for schools, automatically generates the reports that schools need to submit to board.
  • Watch Attendance Management tutorial

Attendance Management is easy !!

Did you know that teachers save 20 minutes everyday with FollowClass.
FollowClass does all the pesky paperwork for them.

Apart from teaching, Teachers spend most of their time in attendance management. First taking attendance on a paper, then putting it in attendance registers and at the end of year putting it excel, calculating totals etc. Attendance management is supposed to be simpler than that. With FollowClass school app we make your life a lot easier. Take attendance only once from your school app, and leave rest of the work to us. Our attendance management software makes your attendance registers, generates Excel reports and even fills it in the Grade cards.

From parent's point of view the security of their children is becoming great concern in current scenario. FollowClass gives you, your own parent communication app. As soon as attendance is marked in FollowClass school app, parents get notified immediately. We also send SMS to all the parents as wells so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on bulk sms software, or biometrics attendance system. FollowClass parent communication app gives a feeling of comfort to parents, which is invaluable.

Attendance Management on FollowClass app for school and colleges - Tutorial

Attendance Management Video Tutorial

Attendance management - step by step guide on FollowClass school app

Attendance management is a great hassle for teachers. Taking attendance on papers, creating attendance registers at the end of the month or even creating excel sheets for the analysis and submitting it to the education board. Wouldn't it be great if every teacher had a teaching assistant doing the entire attendance management for them? Well, they have one now. FollowClass school app does exactly that. Check out the video on and read the following steps -

  1. Log in to the FollowClass School App.
  2. Go to menu on the left corner and click on attendance.
  3. In "take attendance" tab select group for which you want to take attendance.
  4. List of students will be shown. Tap on students to mark them absent or late
  5. You can even course name for better reporting.
  6. You can even change the date and time to back fill the attendance.
  7. Click on submit. Attendance is marked successfully.

As FollowClass school app comes with parent communication module as well as bulk SMS software module , hence as soon as attendance is taken a SMS, push notification and email is sent to absentee students and their respective parents It gives a great sense of security to parents.

FollowClass is a complete school software as well. we take great pride in reducing the workload on teachers. So with FollowClass, teachers have to take attendance only once, and we take care of the rest. Below is the step by step guide on how you can view attendance on our student management software.

  • Step1: Log in to the website Follow class.

  • Step2: click on groups and select the class/section.

  • Step3: Click on the manage Attendance on the right corner.

  • Step4: Click on check attendance.

  • Step5: You can view the attendance and click on download to get the excel sheet of the attendance. You will get attendance reports in various forms like attendance summary, where total percentage in each course will be given. You will also get attendance sheet of each course with the dates and period numbers when the student was absent.

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