Why FollowClass School App is unique and more beneficial?

updated on March 30, 2018 at 5:05 PM by Followclass - School App

School App Features

Since the inception of dedicated applications to institutes, there has been a war among IT companies to provide school apps for its clients. School Apps is a dedicated set of programs supposed to ease the tasks of an educational institute. As educational institutes are heading towards IT companies for a suitable app for their institutes, IT companies are taking dishonest advantage of it. It is essential to notice the credibility and professional-honesty of the company if you go for a school app dedicated to your institute. Such steps will prevent you from being cheated.

Our company is one of the most transparent and professional companies in India that works hard towards providing the satisfaction to its customer by handing over a fine and pure product as promised. Being a leading IT Company, from the day of taking the contract of your school app to the date of handing over the produce to you, we do not compromise with the quality of the product. The developer team of our company notes down all the requirements and starts working to complete it within time. At the time of delivering the product, we demonstrate to ensure that our product does not keep any bug.

Our school app is a home to numerous features that you will not get anywhere else. Few key features of our app are; it enables you to a quick communication with parents, you getattendance notification instantly without any lag, you can track school bus to ensure the safety of children, it would be a genuine personal app specifically customized for your school, you can send unlimited bulk messages to desired recipients, it gives exam results and grade automatically, students can download and print hall ticket by themselves that will introduce your students the virtual worlds, performance of students and teachers can be analysed easily, it will remind about the fee automatically, it will remind about exams and results too, and you can give an instantonline exam to your students. Such features save significant time and workforce of your institute. That time and workforce can be used for different tasks and definitely, it will bring more productivity to your institute.

School Apps became popular in a short period just because of its advantages. Those who use such app for their institutes, are far forward then them who do not use it. We have seen numerous impacts of our School App, for instance, it increases the admission by 18 percent and reduces failures by 30 percent. Every year, it saves more than a lac for your institutes that is way more than the price of this application. If all being kept in a nutshell, once, you start using our School App, you will realize its necessity for your educational institute. Apart from saving money, reducing workforce, and managing institutional tasks easily, this application gives you a peace of mind. You need not worry about your institute, School Apps will take care of everything.