How to run schools and coaching centers effortlessly using School App?

updated on March 17, 2018 at 11:55 AM by Followclass - School App

School App Features

As the whole world is moving towards being fully digitalized, we have come up with a new idea to connect the tasks of academic institutions with the latest technology. The purpose of this idea is to provide an effortless way to manage and administrate institutes like school, coaching centers, and colleges. By using School App, you can stay connected to your institute round the clock without being in the premises of it. This app remains online with the help of internet and keeps schools connected to its students.

If you want to reduce the workload of your institute and operate it in an automated way, you need to get a personal School App for you. In case, you want to evaluate our product, we offer a trial version too for the period of 15 days. You can customize app according to your need too. We ensure the price of the app will be minimum of the market. Here is the complete working module for this app.

First get a personal app according to your need. Set credentials to log in to your virtual management and administration office. Credentials ensure the protection of your confidential data so that no unscrupulous person can breach your virtual office to steal data and harm you. School App keeps the details of every student in its dedicated database so that you can fetch required data anytime, for instance, admission details, fee details, performance, complaints, and other activities of the student. The feature of creating a schedule for institute makes you able to get the most of the time. This app keeps all the features required to run an institute. Using it, you can schedule a parent-teacher meeting too. If parents are not available at the moment, you can connect to them virtually using the PTM feature of the app. This feature eliminates the limitation of time and place. Anytime, you can talk to parents directly regarding their children whether it is about fee, function, performance, or complaints. Keeping the attendance of student maintained is another tough job for teachers. This app allows you to keep the attendance maintained automatically in the database. As you store your data in a highly secured database, you remain ensured about the data of your institute. No physical damage can destroy your data. For more security of the data, you can save your data on a different server so that in case of any data loss, you can recover data immediately from there.

To keep students enthusiastic about exams, you can schedule an online exam anytime using School App. This app does not save your time only but works towards providing a paperless governance to your institute that saves stationery resources as paper, ink, staple, and files. On the other hand, it saves physical space of your office too that could be occupied by files. Considering the benefits of School App, all schools are heading to software developers for a personal app. Now it is your time.