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If you are looking for an institute that could help you to conduct an examination then stop wasting your time in search of that institute. You could log in to the best Online exam portal for IIT-JEE that has been designed in the manner which allows you with the features of quick changeability, fast automation, and better security aspects, during the examination process.

Let us explore the things that make them a better platform for examination-

1. Redefining the system of examination

In the physical examination process, there was no facility to understand the mistakes subsequently after the exams. In those cases the correction process took time. In spite of the advanced technological infrastructure, the traditional classroom still needs to be modified, in such a manner, that each student has a single computer for the exams. It is a one-time activity that has multiple benefits in the subsequent period.

2. Secure of Framework

The Online exam portal for IIT-JEE should be encrypted and proper care should be taken to secure the result and responses of each examinee along with the timer. The platform should be able to manage the information in such a way that it does not become cumbersome when hundreds of students are appearing simultaneously under one go.

3. Avoid cheating and copying

The advanced technology tools should be incorporated in the Online exam portal for IIT-JEE that allows the student to give answers to objective questions that comes in a serial order. As such the proctoring management system of the platform should ensure that for each student the sequence of questions should be different even though the pattern remains the same. This should prevent the student from copying the answers from the other students. There should be an assigned timer for each question so that the student finishes it as soon as possible.

4. Cost saving

Benefits should always exceed the cost. When analyzing the perfect online exam portal for IIT-JEE, care should be taken to analyze the overall cost regarding long term and short term aspects. As such this platform should be available with the cloud hosting facility that is backed by proper IT infrastructure that could be able to hold vital details about the organization.

5. Authentication setup

When it comes to online exam portal for IIT-JEE Technology should be so advanced that it can authenticate the image of the student appearing for the exam. As such there could be a necessity of a web camera that could capture the image of the student. If the availability of the web camera is not possible then biometric authentication system can be used by the examiner

6. Easy process to create online exams

The technology should so advanced that it hardly takes time for the admin to upload all the question banks. In a minute, that can be customized by the user according to the syllabus/pattern required. Once the pattern or the syllabus is defined it should conduct the online exam. After the exam has been conducted, the exam result should be displayed quickly. This result should also contain an in-depth analysis of the performance of the student.

The online exam portal for IIT-JEE should be smart and easy to use a system that could give the internal assessment of the student.

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