Rise of school apps

updated on March 30, 2018 at 5:05 PM by Followclass - School App

School App Features

Technology has always helped humans towards a better execution of lengthy tasks. It can be seen as all the machine used in daily routine. While talking about the machine, computers are referred as the most accurate and multipurpose machine that works great to reduce the workforce of human. Computers perform specific tasks with the help of a dedicated software or application. In the same way, to execute all the tasks of an educational institute, a dedicated application is required known as School Apps. This app is highly dedicated to cut the workload of an educational institute to its minimum.

Advantages and result-oriented features of School Apps have attracted thousands of new users in such a less time. More productivity can be obtained using the lesser workforce. That is the main reason behind its popularity. Few key features of this app are following:

• The user needs not writing every information of institute in a giant register in ink. All the information can be stored simply using this app on a dedicated server in pure encrypted form.

• As the server stores information, no unscrupulous person would be able to look into the information to harm your institute in any way. This ensures the privacy and security of users.

• The app keeps information fully synchronized. It updates entered information instantly, in real time.

• As it stores information digitally, no error is meant to occur. This feature assists in getting maximum accuracy and reducing failures.

• As it makes tasks easier and more student-friendly, a hike of almost 20 percent can be seen in admissions.

• As it reduced the workforce, no more staffs are required for institutional tasks. It saves a great amount supposed to pay to employees for handling tasks.

• It stores information digitally and saves the expenses of stationery items, for instance, pin, pen, pencil, stapler, register, file, threads, and papers.

• It does not only save a big amount, but, a big physical space too that could be used by registers, files, and giant shelves.

• Digitally stored information cannot be damaged physically but papers can. That is one of the most prominent features of this app.

These features are related to the storing of information. But School Apps does not store only information but tracks school bus for the safety of students, provides a way to give online exams instantly as a surprise test, it can show result and grades automatically by calculating obtained marks, can arrange an instant parents-teacher meeting, calculates fee of individual students and sends notification to make payments, and unlimited messages can be sent to students or their parents to inform immediately.

School Apps keeps a plethora of golden achievements in such a short period that is enough to say about its usability. More and more educational institutes are using this application to make a better profit using even less workforce. If you run an institute and want to grow faster using limited resources, you must try School Apps for sure.