School App Importance

updated on June 26, 2018 at 11:30 AM by Followclass - App for school

School App Features

  • Nowadays, every person has a smartphone. For every work, people are using applications on their smartphone. Apps are used to increase the workflow. So, here we introduce a smart school app with many features that let you know about your child’s performance.
  • With the advancement of technology, school app is made as education is not only be confined up to school. Using school app, learning can be done very effectively with the guidance of teacher at any time. We use a software that will maintain privacy and also saves your time.
  • School app is a user-friendly app where you can get all the information at your fingertips. It can be used by students, parents, teachers, and
    • Students should be digitalized in present times. They can get notifications about their daily homework which is uploaded by teachers. They can check the exam time table and exam results. Students can submit their assignments online as this makes them know how to use a computer or laptop which reduces a lot of paperwork. Every student can study online using this amazing app where you can get study materials and save it on your device for future reference.
    • As there is a chance of errors in offline attendance, teachers can take attendance online using this school app. This app provides assistance to you where you can upload assignments, study materials and home works to students. You can conduct online exams and display the results of exams in the app. You can give your valuable feedback to parents about their child’s performance in studies.
    • Parents are busy with their work schedules as they can’t go to school daily and monitor his/her child. With the help of this app, they can create alerts whether their child is doing homework or not which is assigned by teachers. You can instantly check the reports of your child. You may feel secure and relaxed as we provide a service to track the school bus. You can freely communicate with the corresponding teacher to ask about the needed improvements to your child. You can pay your child’s fee securely and download the fee receipt using this app.
      • To grow your school’s fame, you should monitor all the activities in the school to run properly which is hectic. Using this school app, it would be easier as we can publish the events and activities like games, debates, and quizzes, etc. You can check and send the reminders to parents about the fee payment and attendance of the students. You can conduct online exams and give grade cards. You can achieve your school success only if you gain the trust from parents. This can be done by providing a communication between parents and teacher with unlimited text messages. You can also ask for the feedback of your school from parents and teacher to make the necessary improvements which will improve your organization.
      • Education through school app will be more interesting to students. School app offers you best services which definitely gives you satisfaction.