Benefits of School Management app

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School App Features

Today’s time technology reduces the human efforts and this makes everything portable. In the later time in a school our teacher used black board but now most of the schools have smart classes which reduce the effort of the teachers, similar to this now many schools using school management app. It is a school management app all the cloud data is available here which can access anytime anywhere on any platform.

How can you use it?

School app is a school management App which shows all the main activities about school to the teachers, students and parents and it very convenient to use.

  • Download from the play store on any platforms such as computer, tablet and mobile.
  • After downloading signup with the student name and fill all the essential information.
  • Once you complete the information then you will get the access to recognize data of the school such as your child attendance, teachers activities, upcoming eventsdate, Results , homework, you can also check your child feedbackat the end of the month.
  • In case if user forget ID and password school aap support service is always available for you , aal you have to do dial support service number they can help you and resolve the issue instantly.

Benefits of School app

Due to very hectic schedule parents have no time to come school daily and check the their child report daily, but along with that every parents are concerned for his/her child so with the help of technology this problem has been resolved Now a day every school are providing school app to their students so that you can track your child report at the click of the button.

  • Home work Entry: Teachers can upload daily homework on this aap so that students can easily access the homework data by using any platform.
  • Time table Entry: Teachers can upload exam time table before the exam so that students and their parents can review it and save it on their device ,
  • Communication medium: Teacher and parents can exchange the information via instant messaging through this aap
  • Exams result entry: Teachers can enter exam results directly through school app
  • Important Note: Teachers can enter upcoming event dates so that students and their parents will know it easily.
  • Work in offline and online model: Users can synchronize data online as well as offline mode.
  • Replace paper work: It is digital school diary all the work related to the school can upload on this aap as well as it maintain privacy and communication hour.
  • Online payment: With the help of this aap parents can pay fee onlineand download fee receipt instantly
  • Save time:School app not only save teachers time but also save parents and student time . Parents can check all the reports about his child anytime anywhere as well as teacher can share student feedback with his/her parents.

Support help

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