Why should you have School Apps for your educational institute?

updated on April 5, 2018 at 11:50 AM by Followclass - School App

School App Features

To reduce the workforce and workload of an educational institute like school and college, a dedicated application as School Apps has arrived. This application has created a huge popularity in a very short period just because of its utility. This application works greatly irrespective of the capacity of executor, mean to say, it works in an automated way. The latest technology has workload but workforce too as this application works in an automated way, no need to hire more staff for tasks required to run the school. Even the hectic tasks of a school can be handled in the easiest way without making any error that provides accuracy to the Institute for its betterment.

School Apps is a result of hard work of an innovative and excellent team of software developers. The developers have worked day and night to make this application more productive so that clients can achieve the best result and satisfaction. This application has been built in a way, it saves the significant time of institutes and provides a better result. While talking about the time it saves, approx. 32 hours a week that is equal to almost 4 working days. It can be said, the application enhances productivity by double and reduces workforce to save money.

The key features of School Apps are following;

• All the activities of the institute can be traced instantly using the feature of this app.

• Unlimited messages can be sent by just one click. No need to send messages individually to parents for a parent-teacher meeting.

• It allows feeding information of new students and deleting information of previous students easily.

• A voice message can be sent to parents or concerned person immediately, in case of an emergency.

• Schedule and timetable can be created easily in less time using the smart feature of this application. No need to waste stationery items.

• The institute can send exam results directly to the parents.

• No hidden charge for sending text messages or voice messages.

• The performance of teacher and students can be monitored easily. This feature assists in getting a better result from students and teachers.

• Unit test and exams can be conducted instantly.

• Students can track their syllabus and can make a pace to their studies.

• This application helps incredibly to track earns and expenses of an institute.

• By tracking school buses, it ensures the safety of students.

• If parents are out of place, an online parents-teacher meeting can be conducted by this application.

• It stores details of students precisely, such as admission details, standard details, performance, and address.

School Apps is a home to numerous advantageous features. Such features do not only save your time and money but keep your institute ahead of its actual condition. Give a try to the rapid growth of your institute by utilizing a trial version of School Apps for free. The trial version keeps all the features of this full-fledged application.