Why do you need School App for your School?

updated on March 17, 2018 at 11:50 AM by Followclass - School App

School App Features

Running a school is not an easy job. It needs dedication, determination, focus, and time. Apart from such factors, the growth of school depends on the skills of its owner or executives. How can a school grow rapidly if the operator is not experienced or aware of the processes required to run it? The answer to above question is, by using the smart technology, a rapid growth of institute like school can be achieved without being the champ of institutional arena. By bringing the latest technology to your school campus, the workload of your school can be reduced to its minimum. Regarding this, School App is a pioneer tool that handles hectic tasks of your school like attendance management, fee management, bus tracking, admission management, hall ticket printing, notice distribution, and syllabus tracking.

School App has been designed by an innovative team of excellent software developers who worked hard day and night. The objective of this app for school is to provide a higher productivity in less time. Clients have claimed that the best School App saves their significant hours e.g. approx. 32 hours in a week. On calculating, it is almost 4 working day in a week for a school that remains open 8 hours a day, means it triples the productivity of institute. Apart from saving hours of school, it helps in providing an error-free governance so that no consequence can lead your school to a disaster or loss.

Few smart features of School App have been quoted below;

• Provides real-time information about the activities going on in school.

• Notify parents about the parent-teacher meeting by sending messages on their phones.

• Adds details of new students or removes data of past students easily.

• Creates schedule and timetable for school in few clicks without wasting papers and other stationery items.

• Exam results can be sent to parents directly.

• In case of emergency, a voice message can be sent to parents quickly at once.

• Cost-free unlimited messages can be sent to parents from the end of school. There is no hidden charge after all.

• By analyzing the performance of teachers and students, it assists in achieving a better performance.

• Online exam can be conducted in just two minutes. It does not save time but resources like paper and ink too.

• Management of fee and admission is quite handy with the help of this application.

• By tracking school buses, it ensures the safety of students.

• Parents-Teacher Meeting can be done online in case of parents are busy or unreachable at that moment. This feature keeps parents and teachers connected round the clock.

School App has been loaded with beneficial features. It does not only save time and money for your school but brings your school few steps ahead than other schools. You can own this magnificent tool for your school at an affordable cost. We offer a trial version too so that you can evaluate our product before investing your money. We care about you and know the value of your hard work.