9 Features that every school app or school software needs

updated on November 18, 2017 at 11:50 PM by Followclass - School App

School App Features

Nowadays it has become compulsory to have a school app or school software for every educational institution. Although this article is also applicable in the case of college app or coaching institute apps, for the purpose of better readability I will be using the term school app instead of college app or coaching app. So let’s get started

  1. Parent Communication App

  2. Gone are the times whenschool software or school app were only for management purposes and had no role for parents whatsoever. In the modern age, every parent wants to know how their child is doing in the school and they want to keep track of each and every little details happening in their child’s life. So parents communication is must in every school app.
  3. Fee Management

  4. Fee management can be very very cumbersome if not done rightly. If you are still using registers and giving handwritten fee receipts, well that means you are living in stone age. You might find some people claiming to be WhatsApp for schools etc. Well, they are nice to have features. The fee is really really important. If you school software is not giving you fee management services, it's time to get a new school software.
  5. Online school Fee payment

  6. Well, Fee management makes the life of your office staff easier but what about parents? They still face the same issues. They have to “CARRY HARD CASH”. I put it in capital letter because it really is scary. In today’s fast world where everyone is moving towards cashless systems, online fee payments are necessary. You can get away with not having this feature for a year or two but not longer. Why not change your school software today?

  7. Mobile Friendly

  8. Using mobile phones today is like breathing. We can not even imagine a world today without a mobile phone. But when it comes to student management systems we ignore the mobiles completely. Most school software today do offer websites but these websites cannot be opened from mobile phones. Then what exactly is the use of these school software? While looking to get a school software, please make sure that it is mobile friendly.

  9. Personal school App

  10. There are a few school apps available in the market today. They offer these apps at a very cost as well. But usage of this app is very less. Because they push a lot of unwanted ads to the parents, hence parents do not feel comfortable using it. There is also an issue of data privacy. These companies rely on selling this data to your competitors to make a profit. Beware of such companies. Make sure that you ask for the white labeled app for your school. Parents and students use it because it's their own school app. Parents like to show it to other parents and talk about how awesome their children’s school is. So while choosing a school app, make sure that you are asking for a white-labeled personal school app.

  11. Attendance management

  12. Let me be honest here. All teachers hate taking attendance and making attendance registers. It's very cumbersome and repetitive task that takes a lot of time. While selecting the school software make sure that it has a great management system. A system which allows teachers to take attendance from school app and automatically generates the attendance registers.

  13. Grade card Printing

  14. Grade cards have a great emotional value attached to it. We all have saved our marks sheets of all the classes. School also put a lot of efforts in getting grade cards. They have to get well-designed grade cards from a designer, then teachers enter marks and calculate totals. This entire thing takes more than 15 days. Well with FollowClass this entire process is automated and grade cards are generated automatically. So while choosing school software make sure that it generated automatic grade cards.

  15. Hall Tickets

  16. Another headache for lots of schools and colleges is getting hall tickets ready. There are very few school apps or school software which provide automatic hall tickets. FollowClass is one of those school software.

  17. School Calendar

  18. How much money do schools spend in making those school calendars and giving it to each and every student? This calendars look ugly and can not be modified. Well, you should get a personal school app with a built-in school calendar, it can be modified at any point time. And it even sends automated reminders for each and every event. Well, you can get all that at this school App.