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    Due to the advancement in technology every sector whether it is college or an organization both get advantages of advancement. College is a place where many students get enrolled after their school for their bright future. Earlier it was very difficult for the colleges to handle the activities of the college and give information to their students. But now almost all colleges use the college app to deliver their information to the students and it is acceptable thing that COMMON APP is very good for the college as well. College app has many benefits for the students and college too. These benefits are as follows:
  1. First and foremost benefit of the college app is that it has the auto save feature. In case if you forget to save the data or close the app without saving the data your data is automatically saved in it and you can go back to the page and fill it again whatever you want to fill. This college app can save you from losing progress.
  2. College app saves lot of time of college and students. There is no need to write on a notice board if your collage has a common app you only need to upload the information on college app. All the students even those who are absent get all the information on college app.
  3. If your college have common app then there is no need to submit your details in office or general office you can submit it on the college app.
  4. Those students who are not attending their classes regularly can also get the whole information through the college app and can up to date with the college activities.
  5. College app helps you to track your all requirements and projects deadlines. This could help you to submit your applications, essay, documents and files on time. This common app provides you the whole information which you need.
  6. Students can join this college app on free of cost. There is no need to pay any amount for this app.

    . College app is very helpful for those students who lived in remote areas or live in other cities they can get admission in the college online by submitting their all documents. He or she has no need to travel to that city and go to the college for taking admissions.

    Every coin has two faces if college app has many benefits then it also have many cons. These are as follows:
    1. To join a college app you should have a smart phone on which you can download the app and join it. But for those students who don’t have any smart phone, they do not join the college app.
    2. We can say that it is very expensive to use because you need an internet pack to use the college app. Without the internet pack you can’t access the college app and can’t get the information which is uploaded on the app by the college.