Bulk SMS Software For School

  • Followclass offers Bulk Sms software for School, College and Coaching Institutes.
  • FollowClass supplies sms software by which schools can communicate with parents and students effectively.
  • FollowClass provide unlimited bulk SMS without any extra cost. Hence you wont have to worry about cost.
  • With FollowClass bulk sms software you can send SMS in groups as well as personal messages to parents
  • Followclass bulk SMS software sends automated SMS for Fee reminders to parents
  • Watch Bulk SMS Software For School tutorial

Free SMS for All your School Communication

Did you know that with out school app, every communication is sent via SMS for free.


Today sending SMS for parent communication is not a luxury but a necessity. Parents expect this as a very basic service and it helps you in school management. FollowClass provides you a with a easy to use school app which allows you to send any message to the parents in form of a SMS in just 3 clicks. Traditional Bulk SMS softwares and ERPs allow you to send only the same SMS to everyone. They are dumb solutions where you have to copy the phone number every time and don’t provide any features. But with FollowClass you get awesome features like attendance, marks cards, class exam marks, schedule creation, fee reminders, gps tracking and much more. Every message is modified for the desired recipient and sent accordingly. The cherry on the cake is that FollowClass provides you with unlimited Free SMS so that you don’t have to decide which SMS needs to be sent.


In India, though mobile internet usage is on the boom, there is still a large percentage of parents who use basic phone or use smart phones without internet. Therefore it is necessary for schools to update the parents through SMS as well. There are many free and paid apps which either don’t give SMS at all or give limited SMS. But with FollowClass parents can rest assured that they will always receive the update about their child. FollowClass doesn’t need/force parents to buy smart phones as that is unnecessary and sometimes a burden on the parents. FollowClass provide 100% coverage all the time with it's unlimited Bulk SMS pack.

Bulk SMS Software For School on FollowClass app for school and colleges - Tutorial

Bulk SMS Software For School Video Tutorial

Bulk SMS software for schools - step by step guide on sending bulk SMS with our school app and school software

FollowClass provides a bulk SMS software for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. With followclass, you will be able to send SMS about all the academic activities to students, parents, and teachers.
Schools can send SMS to parents such as attendance, results, homework and emergency announcements. Special notifications like events and exam schedules can be sent through the SMS as well.

Below are four features which make followclass school app the best bulk SMS software for school -

  1. Group messaging - You can send messages to the entire school, one class or any other group in your school. It is very useful for sending important announcements like a holiday, change in exams schedule etc.
  2. Personal messaging - The things separates us from other bulk SMS softwares is the fact we offer the option of personal SMS as well. It is very very easy to use. This feature can be used to send homework information, disciplinary issues, fee reminders etc.
  3. Automated messages - Very few bulk SMS softwares have the option for personal messaging but none of them have the option of automated SMS. Because of this school cannot send SMS for attendance, exam results etc. Wherever the situation demands that a separate message should go to each parent, the other bulk SMS softwares fail but not followclass. WIth followclass school software, you can send automated attendance to parents, send exam results or even fee reminders. Sending these SMS is just one click away.
  4. The last but most features is that followclass bulk SMS software comes with unlimited no of SMS. This is very very important. because other bulk SMS softwares charge you based on the no of SMS you send. Hence schools have the tendency to use it very less and parents miss out on a lot of important communication. We understand this issue and hence provide unlimited no of SMS for schools.

Its great to have to great features in any product but it should also be very easy to use. This is where followclass helps a great deal. You can send group messages and personal messages from our student management software in the below three steps -

  1.  Write a message that you want to send as SMS.
  2.  Select the group or people to whom you want to send the SMS.
  3.  Click on send SMS to your chosen recipients.

The best thing about folllowclass is that it comes with a school app. So unlike other bulk SMS software for schools, you can use this from anywhere. You can send SMS in bulk or send personal SMS from our school app in following three steps

  1. On dashboard click on write a message.
  2. Select the recipients
  3. Select the file or photo if you want to send.
  4. Click send and SMS will be immediately sent to chosen recipients.

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