GPRS Tracking

  • Follow Class provides this unique feature of GPS Tracking for the parents to know the location of the child at any time and place
  • With Follow Class school App you can remain tension free about where your child is.
  • Institues do not have to worry about unnecessary calls regarding the departure and arrival of the buses.
  • Parents can now remain connected to their child anywhere anytime.
  • This GPS Tracking System is one of the unique features provided only by Follow Class.

Just Click Once and Know Your Child's Location!!

Did you know that parents get tensed everytime their child travels to school in bus


Institutes need a method to keep a track on the drivers and the institute buses so that they could not only avoid unnecesaary calls regarding the arrival and departure of the buses but also can know whether the duties assigned to drivers are performed properly or not. This is were GPS Tracking System provided by Follow Class is of great use. Also this helps a institue to gain a higher stature among others in the society.


There are times when a child has to travel alone in his school bus or coaching vans. This is the time for parents when they just wait impatiently to know that their child has safely raeched home, school or coaching. Here is where Follow Class helps you. GPS Tracking System does it's job.


With the Follow Class feature of the GPS Tracking System a child does not have to worry about being late to school or reaching home late. Also as they are tracked by their parents everytime they can remain tension free. Now with this feature of Follow Class the child doesn't have to wait at the bus stop. Sitting at home he will get to know when the bus arrives.