Grade Card Printing & Exam Results

  • Publishing exam results and grade card printing has never been easier.
  • Printable grade cards with your school letter head and logo are readily available.
  • You save 1000's of Rupees in grade card printing.
  • We customize grade cards for your school.
  • Class Teachers can get consolidated report section wise along with the ranks and percentage
  • Parents can see all the exam results in one place in your school app.
  • We send a SMS to Parents as soon as you publish/announce the results on FollowClass
  • Parents can also download and print grade cards whenever they want.

Conduct exams and correct papers, that’s it !!

Did you know that teachers spend almost as much time preparing grade cards and publishing exam results

as they do in preparing question papers and correcting answer sheets?


It's a last day of examination, everyone is that bit more excited. Students are talking about their summer holidays, what new skills they are going to learn during the summer etc. But there is not a lot of excitement on teacher’s face. Their work is just getting started. They have to correct papers and then create grade cards. After correcting the papers it takes about two weeks to get the grade cards ready. Getting totals, percentage, attendance records and finally class rank is very cumbersome process. Even after all that effort on the day of results, there is always some parent who is angry because wrong marks were entered. Well schools using followclass don’t have worry about this. They just have to correct the question papers and FollowClass, best student management software does it's job.


Grade cards have a great emotional value to students and parents. We all save our grade cards starting from 1st class throughout our life. Educational institutions understand this and they spend a lot of effort in getting the best possible grade cards for their students. With FollowClass this entire process is automated. Our student management software automatically generates the best possible looking grade cards with your school name and logo. We even customize it to the school’s requirement. With followclass grade cards require no effort from your side and it costs you nothing extra.