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Detailed analysis for online Exams


Followclass Online exam platform gives a detailed analysis on how a student has performed in the online exam. Students also get section wise and topic wise analysis and solution for each question. Our Smart AI based Online exam platform provide analysis of silly mistakes and guesses made by the student

latest interface for exams


Get the feeling of real online exam with Followclass Online exam platform. All the exams are available in the latest pattern and interface to give you the complete feel of the actual real exam.

online test series


With FollowClass Online exam platform you can create your exams and package them in a bundle. Monetise your online test series by selling it to all the students associated with you.

online exam in multiple languages


Our Online exam platform provides support for all languages and mathematical equations. Hence you can create online exams, options, add equations etc in any language with up most ease.

image and equation support


While creating the online exam on our platform, you can upload any image or math equation. Adding math equations to online exams has been a difficult task but followclass Online exam platform has solved this problem.

online exam creation


With our Online exam platform, coaching institutes can directly create exams by just uploading the word file for the exam. It makes their job a lot easier and saves a lot of time for them.

Comparison Of FollowClass Online exam platform With Any Other Online exam platform

With followclass, you get your own white-labeled app and Online exam platform for coaching institutes. It helps coaching institutes in organizing all their academic activities, save time for teachers, keep parents informed and much more from a single platform for coaching classes. What makes FollowClass Online exam platform different from other school app providers is described clearly in the below table. But one factor which can be defined in any table is is our customer support for our Online exam platform. We treat our customers like god. So give us a chance to serve you and get the best possible Online exam platform your coaching institute.

List Of Features in any Online exam platform
Other Online exam platform
FollowClass Online exam platform
Online Exam creation with word document
Not possible.
With FollowClass Online exam platform, you can create online exam by uploading word document.
Time taken in creating an online exam
24-48 hours
With FollowClass Online exam platform, you can create online exam in less than 5 minutes.
Time based analysis of Student performance
Partially Available
Detailed analysis is available
Topic wise analysis
A lot of extra effort is required to get this. You will have to create question banks on their Online exam platform
With FollowClass Online exam platform , our special AI techniques give a much more detailed analysis without any extra effort from your side.
No Of Exams
Limited in other Online exam platforms
You can create unlimited no of exams in FollowClass Online exam platform
Monetization of test series
Yes, but other Online exam platforms take 50% of the profit.
Yes, With FollowClass Online exam platform, it is available without any extra cost.
White-labeled Online exam platform
Available with a few Online exam platforms in India, but price is very high.
With FollowClass it is available with any extra cost to you.

7 must have features for online exam platform

by Followclass - School App

online exam platform features

The Internet is like air today. In these times all the main exams like IIT, BITS, CAT, GRE, SSC etc are moving towards online exam modal. It has become imperative for aspiring students to practice these exams online. And also onus is on coaching institutes to provide enough practice of online exams to all the students, hence the rise of online exam platform in the market. But the question that arises is, which one is the best online exam platform ? Instead of answering the above question I'll help you find the right answer. Following are the set of features which are the absolute must in any online exam platform.

  1. It should work.

  2. It should work even if 1000 students are taking the exam. There are tons of online exam platform out there but none of them seem to be working when even 100 students start taking the exam at the same time. Building online exam platform is a complex process in itself but building a exam platform where lakhs of students can take the exam at the same time is a huge deal. So beware of such products.

    But how do you find out if one particular online exam platform will work for 1000 students or not? The answer lies in the developer team. Always ask the person who has developed it. If that developer seems credible and has a great qualification, the exam portal will work no matter the number of users.
  3. How easy it is to create online exams

  4. One of biggest challenges in offline exam system is that it takes a lot of time and effort to conduct the exam. You have to print the papers, distribute it, correct it and in the end calculate ranks etc. It is a long long process. Before buying any online exam platform always ask a simple question, how can I create an exam and how much time will it take?

    If they say that first, you have to create questions, create question bank, fill up an excel etc and then you will be able to do it. Well, it's time to say goodbye to them. There are modern online exam platforms available, where you will be able to create online exam within 5 minutes by simply uploading a word document.

    So far we have had two points, it should be easy to create online exams and it should work. What more can one ask for? Well, it turns out, you can ask for more.
  5. Student performance analysis should be there and it should be easy

  6. There are three types of online exam platform available in India.

    First are those which provide no analysis what so ever. They calculate total and give the result back that it. I think you are smart enough to not choose them.

    Second are those where you can conduct exams easily, they provide analysis as well but getting that report is very difficult. To get analysis you will have to create question bank on our system, you have to create subject trees on our system. If you spend 1 month of your precious time doing that, then we will give some analysis to your students. Well, I would say forget them and move on to the third category

    These are the real deal, where you have to do the least amount of work and get the most detailed student performance analysis. One such example is followclass - online exam platform.

  7. Mobile Friendly

  8. Human spends the second biggest fraction of their life on mobile phones. The first one is sleep. Whenever we are awake, using the mobile phone is our favorite thing to do. And in this current day and age, i still see online exam platform which is not mobile friendly. I am not talking about online exam mobile app. I just want my online exam platform to be mobile friendly. It should work on each and every phone with a browser and an internet connection. Mobile apps are costly and getting it ready for all platforms is next to impossible. But being mobile friendly is not that difficult. So while buying an online exam platform , please make sure it is mobile friendly. Otherwise, it means that platform is old, not updated, slow and will probably not work if a significant number of users start using it.

  9. Unlimited number of online exams

  10. One of the things which baffle me is that you go to a website of an online exam platform and see that they allow only 7 exams per student. To conduct more you have to pay a lot of extra money. What I would say is forget them. Get an online exam platform which allows you to conduct an unlimited number of exams for your students and offers them the opportunity to practice as much as they want. From my experience coaching classes have an abundance of study material and it should be shared with students.

  11. Use online exams as practice quizzes

  12. Coming to point of having an abundance of study material, what if instead of daily problem(DP) sheets, printing them and distributing it to students and having no idea whether they completed it or not, you had an option. Where you save all the printing cost (200 per student per year) and send these problems online as practice quiz. A student can practice it after going home. And institute can keep track of who is solving how many problems? Which questions are students finding difficult?

    Just think about it, how great it would be for students. And for institutions the amount you save on printing you can get the entire online exam platform.

  13. Price of online exam platform

  14. Now last but not the least, How much should I pay for an online exam platform. Well, there are no correct answers to this one. At FollowClass we have all the features that I mentioned above plus institutes personal school app plus entire student management software plus bulk SMS platform and all this is available at 200 Rs per student per year.

    If you could find this at a lesser price than that, well let us know and we will offer our services without any cost to you.

Did you know?

FollowClass school app is used by more than 100 institutions all over India.