Online Exam Software

  • With FollowClass online exam software, you can create online exams in less than 5 minutes without any hassle.
  • FollowClass online exam software is trusted by more than 100 coaching institutions in India
  • With our software, online exams are auto checked and results are provided immediately to students.
  • Our online exam software provides detailed analysis of students performance, without any extra effort from your side.
  • Our online exam software allows students to take exams from their mobile phones as well.
  • We also provide white-labeled online exam software.
  • FollowClass online exam software even works on slow internet connections.

Detailed analysis for online Exams


Followclass Online exam software gives a detailed analysis on how a student has performed in the online exam. Students also get section wise and topic wise analysis and solution for each question. Our Smart AI based Online exam software provide analysis of silly mistakes and guesses made by the student

latest interface for exams


Get the feeling of real online exam with Followclass Online exam software. All the exams are available in the latest pattern and interface to give you the complete feel of the actual real exam.

online test series


With FollowClass Online exam software you can create your exams and package them in a bundle. Monetise your online test series by selling it to all the students associated with you.

online exam in multiple languages


Our Online exam software provides support for all languages and mathematical equations. Hence you can create online exams, options, add equations etc in any language with up most ease.

image and equation support


While creating the online exam on our software, you can upload any image or math equation. Adding math equations to online exams has been a difficult task but followclass Online exam software has solved this problem.

online exam creation


With our Online exam software, coaching institutes can directly create exams by just uploading the word file for the exam. It makes their job a lot easier and saves a lot of time for them.

Comparison Of FollowClass Online exam software With Any Other Online exam software

With followclass, you get your own white-labeled app and Online exam software for coaching institutes. It helps coaching institutes in organizing all their academic activities, save time for teachers, keep parents informed and much more from a single software for coaching classes. What makes FollowClass Online exam software different from other school app providers is described clearly in the below table. But one factor which can be defined in any table is is our customer support for our Online exam software. We treat our customers like god. So give us a chance to serve you and get the best possible Online exam software your coaching institute.

List Of Features in any Online exam software
Other Online exam software
FollowClass Online exam software
Online Exam creation with word document
Not possible.
With FollowClass Online exam software, you can create online exam by uploading word document.
Time taken in creating an online exam
24-48 hours
With FollowClass Online exam software, you can create online exam in less than 5 minutes.
Time based analysis of Student performance
Partially Available
Detailed analysis is available
Topic wise analysis
A lot of extra effort is required to get this. You will have to create question banks on their Online exam software
With FollowClass Online exam software , our special AI techniques give a much more detailed analysis without any extra effort from your side.
No Of Exams
Limited in other Online exam softwares
You can create unlimited no of exams in FollowClass Online exam software
Monetization of test series
Yes, but other Online exam softwares take 50% of the profit.
Yes, With FollowClass Online exam software, it is available without any extra cost.
White-labeled Online exam software
Available with a few Online exam softwares in India, but price is very high.
With FollowClass it is available with any extra cost to you.