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  • FollowClass online test software is trusted by more than 100 institutions in India.
  • We are the only online test software which allows exam creation through word file upload.
  • With Our online test software you can create online tests in less than 5 minutes.
  • With Our software, online tests are auto checked and results are provided immediately to students.
  • Our online test software provides detailed analysis of students performance, without any extra effort from your side.
  • Our online test software allows students to take exams from their mobile phones as well.
  • We also provide white-labeled online test software.

Online Tests Software and App

Conduct all exams Online. Save money and time with automatic checking and zero paperwork.


The cost of paper and printing is one of the highest for any coaching institute. Even higher if you give out practise tests. Even after spending all that money, institutes are not able to save any time as they have to manage all test papers and then manually check all the answer sheets, that also with utmost secrecy. For one, the students should not get to see it before time and second, tests are the Intellectual Property of the institute which if leaked can cause huge financial loss to the institute. With online test software and app provided by FollowClass the institutes can get rid of all these issues, keep all their content at one place and focus on what is most important - creating quality content.


For students the most important thing is “Time”. They are constantly racing against it. Whoever is able to get the most time out of a day is the ultimate winner. This is where FollowClass helps students immensely. With our online tests software students are able to get the feel of a real test as they are not able to see the results till the end of the test and it is strictly time bound. But as soon as they finish the exam they are able to see the results as well as the solutions. Not just this they are able to see their rank and a detailed analysis of performance, which helps them get better every time they give a test.