Parent Communication App

  • FollowClass is the most trusted brand when it comes to parent communication app for schools in India. FollowClass gives you, your own personalized parent communication app.
  • With our parent communication app, parents, teachers and school authorities can have real time communication.
  • Parents can see everything happening in their child's school in real time on their parent communication app.
  • Child's homework, attendance records, exam schedule, results and everything else happening in their school, is available to parents at their palms with FollowClass parents communication app.
  • Parents can also pay school fees, track school bus location and even download fee receipts through our parent communication app
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Parent communication made easy

Communicating with parents is one of the most important things for the School and we make it the most simplest as well.


WIth FollowClass, we setup your account in such a way that sending any information to anyone is just a matter of 3 clicks. This saves you time and makes the management smooth. Similarly information can be conveyed to students, teachers and other staff as well. We have developed special features for each activity like attendance, PTM, homework, holidays, annual functions, fee updates, bus updates, etc so that information can be conveyed in the simplest of manners.


In today’s hectic schedule parents stay forever busy. Schools send SMS but that at most of the times is not enough as the information conveyed in them is limited. This generates a need which FollowClass fulfils. We provide a parent communication app which presents all the information about the child to the parent in the most concise and simplistic UI. Hence giving out all the information to them and yet being easily understandable to them. With the FollowClass Parent App a parent is able to see old attendance, assignments, exams and marks records. They are able to pay the fee of their ward online and even track the bus/van of their child through our GPS Tracking feature. Overall the FollowClass Parent Communication App gives answers to all the questions parents keep wondering about, but never have the resources to follow up on.

Parent Communication App on FollowClass app for school and colleges - Tutorial

Parent Communication App Video Tutorial

Parent communication App : Description

According to our survey, we found out that 90% of the parents are dissatisfied with the amount of communication they receive from schools. In today's fast paced world it is very difficult for parents to attend parent teacher meetings. Moreover, they are a huge inconvenience to teachers. Other solutions such as bulk SMS and student diaries are do not offer the complete solution. A parent communication app like followclass is the best solution for the communication gap that exists between institutions and parents. Below are the main advantages of followclass parent communication app -

  • Performance tracking of their children can be done by this school app.
  • Attendance notification can be checked on the regular basis.
  • Exam results are available.
  • Major announcements like holidays, annual function etc can be sent.
  • The entire school calendar is available.
  • Homework information is available.

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