Student and Teacher Performance Analysis

  • Followclass is best performance analysis tool for students as well as teachers.
  • With our learning and online examination portal, we are able to predict a student's and teacher's performance and give actionable inputs for the improvment.
  • Our artificial intelligence tool also helps in analyzing teachers performance.
  • Performance analysis reports are readily available for students and parents in your school app.
  • We have seen 18% improvement in the student performance for the students who adhere to inputs by FollowClass.
  • Student and teacher performance analysis is one of the biggest challenges in school and colleges today. We at FollowClass are striving to solve this problem.

Performance Analysis for Students and Teachers

The only way to Improve is to Analyse. Get a comprehensive performance analysis with FollowClass


The only sure way to improve is to analyse your performance. FollowClass provides a comprehensive solution for the institutes to analyse the performance of their students and teachers. We record every activity on the platform and based on that with our AI engine we provide analysis with key improvement areas. On top of this we have a elaborate mechanism to provide feedback, which gives a direct input to make the analysis much better. Using the analysis from FollowClass institutes can improve student’s performance and get the results they desire. This ultimately puts you two steps ahead of any competition and see to it that you are there to stay.


Students can view their performance directly from their app or web portal. Let us take an example of two students Ram and Shyam. Ram is in an institute which uses FollowClass but shyam’s institute does not use FollowClass. A couple of months down the line, after several tests they both meet. Shyam tells Ram that he is constantly scoring low in exams and he cannot fathom what he is doing wrong. Every time he practises hard but is never able to score. Ram on the other hand tells a different story. He tells Shyam that he was also not doing good in the first few weeks but then he saw what mistakes he was doing by reviewing his performance on the FollowClass platform. He told Shyam that he saw which areas he was weak in and even the kind of questions which he gets right but spend more time compared to others. Each and every Student needs curated and specific points to act on, but many a times the average students does not get the required attention. But with FollowClass’s Performance Analysis module every student gets equal attention and every student improves.