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'FollowClass is the most trusted brand when it comes to school apps in India. With FollowClass you get your own Personalized and white-labeled School App. FollowClass school app offers more than parent communication. You can manage fees, attendance, grade cards and much more. Make your school truly modern with FollowClass- School App.',

  • FollowClass gives you, your own personalized school app.
  • With FollowClass school app, parents, teachers and school authorities can have real time communication.
  • Teachers can take offline attendance, assign homework, publish exams and much more with followclass school app
  • Child's homework, attendance records, exam schedule, results and everything else is available to parents at their palms with school app.
  • Parents can also download fee receipts, pay online fees from the school app
  • School principal can send circulars to teachers via school app.
  • Every activity is also sent as SMS to parents and students without any extra cost. FollowClass school app comes with unlimited no of SMS without any extra to school.
  • School owners can see daily fee reports, attendance reports etc on FollowClass school app
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Comparison Of FollowClass School App With Other School Apps

With followclass, you get your own white-labeled school app which helps schools in organizing all their academic activities, save time for teachers, keep parents informed and much more from a single school app. What makes FollowClass school app different from other school app providers is described clearly in the below table. But one factor which can be defined in any table is is our customer support for our school app. We treat our customers like god. So give us a chance to serve you and get the best possible school app for your school.

An App that Every School needs

Take a look at your phone and you will find apps for food, travel, shopping, chatting and everything else, but somehow we forgot about school app.

Don’t you think there needs to be an app for school as well.


With the advancement of technology and smart phone, we created apps for travel, shopping, messaging, food and many more things. Somehow we forgot about school app, we forgot about our children, we forgot about the most important pillar of any nation, our schools. Not any longer!! FollowClass school app has taken the steps in this direction. We provide your own school app. A school app where every academic activity happening, be it attendance, school fees, exams and results, homework etc. can be tracked. The most important period of your life is your school days. And to save all those memories of your school, the best school app in India is here.


Everyday about 20 academic activities happen in your child’s school, starting from attendance, teachers teaching different courses, class tests, results, homework etc. How many of those activities do parents know about everyday? The answer is probably less than 5. Parents are missing out on a lot vital information because of lack of school apps. Our school app helps them in this aspect. Everything happening in their child’s school is delivered to them in real time on their school app. Followclass school app can be the most important tool in your child’s future. Refer your school here and get the best school app for your children.

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Every day 100’s of activities happen in school. Yet communication in all these institutions is very chaotic. It creates problems for teachers, students, and parents. We are here to change that. We are FollowClass. Followclass is the best school app in India. WIth our school app

  1. Parents can track child’s progress, receive homework alerts, pay school fee online, message teachers and track school bus. With our school app, parents can be reassured.
  2. Teachers can take attendance, message parents, take quizzes, create marks cards and analyze student performance. With our school app, teachers will have zero paperwork.
  3. Institutions can manage and receive Fee, get performance reports, create online exams, take feedback from students and teachers and manage school buses. With FollowClass school app, teachers can streamline their day to day activities. Institutes can even customize the school app with their logo and theme.

WIth FollowClass school app, we are seeing some real impact.

  1. 32 hours are saved every week for each school.
  2. 40 % decrease in homework defaulters.
  3. 30% decrease in failures
  4. 18% rise in admissions
  5. More than 1 lakh rs saved every year.

So join our community of growing users. Get FollowClass school app for your institute today

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