Voice SMS

  • FollowClass School App provides facility to send voice SMS to parents for emergencies.
  • You can record a message and upload it in your school app.
  • A phone call or voice SMS will go to all the parents and it play that recorded voice SMS.
  • That phone call or voice SMS is attempted three times if parents do not pick it up first time.
  • SMS are used a lot by companies for promotions. Hence there are a lot of chances that parents might miss the important information. Voice SMS is best solution in such cases

One phone call can do what 1000 SMS’s can’t

Did you know that with FollowClass you can give a voice call to all the parents in one go.


Every year there are days when schools have to be cancelled because of unexpected and unfortunate incidents. Such situations put schools in a very difficult situation. They have to inform each and every parent about holiday or school finishing early. Sometime information needs to be delivered on a very short notice. In such circumstances schools can not simply rely on bulk SMS software or push notification in the parent communication app. With FollowClass we offer a feature called voice SMS. You just have to record a voice SMS on your phone and phone call will go to each parent and recorded message will be played. If for some reason parents do not pick up the phone, we automatically do three retries.